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Friday, November 30, 2007

Colorado Hiking Tips For Ultimate Enjoyment

By Sarah J Holt

Is a Colorado hiking trip in the Rocky Mountains on your horizon? If so, then try these tips to increase your enjoyment.

Plan A Route

A Colorado hiking trip begins with plans for where you will be going. When choosing a trail it is important to take into consideration the altitude change and how many miles will be hiked. When looking at the altitude change it is important to realize that the same distance with even a moderate change in altitude will feel much more difficult and take more time than the same distance without much of an altitude change. When determining how many miles to hike, always allow for the slowest person in the party, and err on the side of fewer miles, rather than too many.

Document Your Route

Once you have planned a route for your Colorado hiking trip, make sure you write it down. Include dates and times of estimated departure for the trailhead and estimated times of return. Once you have this information written out you can leave it with a friend or family member so that if there is a problem and you do not return on time they can send help out.

Dress For The Weather

Colorado hiking is known for its wonderful scenery. It is also known for its dramatic changes in weather, especially at higher altitudes. This means that layered clothing is the best option; where if the day starts out warm shorts and a tee shirt can be worn, but if the day cools off quickly a pair of long pants, a jacket, and a fleece hat can be added. Another good idea is to carry along a rain jacket.

Bring Snacks And Drinks

Bringing food is important even if going on a very short hike, and essential if going on a long one. This can be calorie-rich snack foods such as nuts or a candy bar. Even more vital to a safe and enjoyable trip is hydration. This can take the form of water, juice, or sports drinks. Whichever option is chosen make sure that enough is taken so that when thirst kicks in it can be promptly quenched.

Don't Forget To Slow Down And Enjoy

Colorado hiking has much to recommend it, including a great variety of plant and animal life. The best way to enjoy these are to take frequent breaks, look around, and see why the Colorado Rocky Mountains are a favorite escape. Bringing a camera and binoculars are fun ways to enjoy the plentiful nature and scenery that is offered.

Colorado hiking trips are great ways to enjoy the best the state has to offer when it comes to nature and wildlife. Following the above tips can help to make wonderful memories and ultimate enjoyment more likely.

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Friday, November 02, 2007

How To Get Cheap Airline Tickets to Tokyo, Japan

When the Orient appeals to you more than anything else combined with top of the line modernity and urban sprawl, Japan is the place to be.

Japan is rich in culture in history with the sights and sounds of mixed identities where the old culture meets with modern science and innovation

A visit to Japan though would cost you. Finding cheap airline tickets to Tokyo, Japan would solve the problem of too much money going to be spent for a visit to Japan. It may take you a while, but eventually you’ll reach your goal and get cheap airline tickets to Tokyo, Japan.

The first place to look for cheap airline tickets to Tokyo, Japan is, of course, the internet where huge sources of information are at your fingertips. Here, you can find all the information on cheap airline tickets to Tokyo, Japan. All it takes is a lot of patience… and browsing.

The really cheap airline tickets to Tokyo, Japan, though may be found easily on the airline company’s own website. You only need to do a little comparative analysis of different companies that could offer you cheap airline tickets to Tokyo, Japan in no time! However, some internet websites offer you an instant analysis so you need not do a lot of work. But you also need to check on the reliability of this statistics.

Source :

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Money Savings Tips for Travelers

by : By Sabrina Coffin

Traveling can be a lot of fun as individuals or as a family. With the rising costs of gas prices, many of us stay close to home rather than traveling long distances to vacation hot spots.

I have been the marketing manager for a resort property for over 11 years. My primary responsibility is to market this establishment to attract new guests to stay with us as well as to entice repeat guests to join us again for another great getaway.

Many of us would love to enjoy a vacation but simply are not able to afford the cost for a room. I have listed a few ways to cut the costs and enjoy a much needed getaway for a fraction of the cost.

Many motels participate in programs where you can receive two nights for the price of one night. Ask about these discounts when making your reservation. Check the motel's website prior to calling to see if there are any specials listed online that must be mentioned prior to receiving the discount.

Corporate Rate
You can often receive an additional 10% off just for presenting your business card at a motel. Of course this depends on whether or not you are arriving during their peak season, but it certainly is worth asking about.

Military Discount
Some establishments will give a considerable price break for those serving in the military. You will need to present proper identification upon check-in so be prepared to do so.

Group Rates
Motels love groups and it is important to ask if there are any group rates available during the time you intend to arrive. If you are arriving during a time when the establishment does not intend to have occupancy, they may graciously extend a discount for your group. Certain requirements will apply and will vary.

Travel Midweek
It's typical for motels to be very busy on the weekends and slower during the middle of the week. Try to travel Sunday – Thursday to receive the best deals. The rates are usually lower during the middle of the week. Combine this with a coupon or other discount and you are well on your way to savings.

Off-Season Specials
Check the local newspapers and travel websites for any specials the motel may be offering. Depending upon the location of the motel, you can get a great discount! For instance, take in a winter storm at the beach and you are certain to get a spectacular deal!

Mailing List
If you enjoyed your stay, ask the front desk if they have a mailing list. Perhaps they can mail you unadvertised specials or keep you posted of any savings coupons they may be offering.

Traveling doesn't always have to break our pocketbook. If you take a moment to do your research prior to making your reservation, you will be well on your way to saving yourself some money.


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Monday, June 25, 2007

Denim meets batik, museums embrace old with new

Jakarta - The Batavia Art Festival was held Sunday at Taman Fatahillah, West Jakarta as part of a month-long program to commemorate Jakarta's 480th anniversary.

Taman Fatahillah is part of Jakarta's old town area and is situated right in front of the Jakarta History Museum.

But the historic site has been turned into a place where for just one day denim- and T-shirt-clad youths would mingle with festival-focussed characters dressed in 18th Century costume.

This year's theme, "Jakarta a multicultural city", was vividly depicted throughout the festival's events, including art performances and food bazaars.

Head of Jakarta Cultural and Museum Agency Aurora Tambunan said the festival was the sixth of its kind organized by her agency and their main aim this year was to draw more people to the city's museums.

Special stands were provided to showcase ceramics and textiles and one offered a short-course in batik making. Not far away, a puppet stand showcased its unique contribution to the festival.

"Jakartans do not have much interest to visit a museum so through this festival we have tried to create an event that will encourage people to come to our museums," Aurora said.

Last week, in his speech to inaugurate a new section at the National Museum, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said he wanted the public "to love museums and to relive the past in a bid to know the nation's identity".

The president also asked museum officials to be more creative in their attempts to attract the public.

Jakarta is home to 65 museums with 10 overseen by the city administration and the remaining 55 privately run.

Jakarta History Museum official Sri Kusumawati said visitor numbers doubled each time there was a festival.

"We usually record between 300 and 500 visitors daily but the number doubles, sometimes triples, when we hold a festival like this," she said.

Some 1,500 people had visited the museum by Sunday afternoon.

School students Devi and Sumi, both 16, said museum officials should organize more events in order to attract more visitors -- especially youngsters.

"Visiting a museum is not as boring as people think," they said.

Devi also said she liked to visit a museum instead of a mall because, "in malls we often just hang out and spend money for nothing".

She said a mall could bring her "new knowledge" and that her visit had given her the opportunity to "experience a whole different atmosphere".

"It is like we can travel back in time when entering a museum," Devi said.

The city's administration is set to hold another festival in September that would coincide with a program designed to relaunch Jakarta's old town area.

"We will start the second phase of the (program called) Old Town Revitalization next month by rejuvenating the area of Taman Fatahillah," Aurora said.

"We will renew its lighting and re-organize street vendors."

Source : Jakarta Post

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Hot Summer Time Offers in 18 European Countries

With every changing season the Accorhotels programme comes up with loads of new offers and this year is no exception! For this summer, Accorhotels is relaying exclusive internet offers from the Ibis and Suitehotel brands which are bound to delight internet customers with new creations and even more hotels!

You'll find amazing summer time in your vacation
From now on relay Ibis promotional offers and enable your internet customers to benefit from a reduction of €10 (£10 for the British hotels) or a free cocktail depending on the hotel for their summer stays in 18 European countries and Morocco! Offer valid from 09 July to 26 August 2007 for every night reserved in an Ibis* hotel. (This offer is prolonged for British hotels until 7 September 2007).
*See details of terms and conditions on the site.

Suitehotel is launching its "SuiteDeals" summer offers. From 15 July to 31 August 2007, you can rent a 30 sq. m. suite for only €239 inclusive of tax for 4 nights and €389 inclusive of tax for 7 nights* in any Suitehotel: an exclusive offer to make the most of your summer.
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Monday, May 14, 2007

Traveling for Some Fun in the Sun

There is no question that one of the biggest draws of traveling in Panama is the country's lengthy coastline. Panama enjoys a seemingly endless list of picture-postcard beaches on both its Atlantic and Pacific shores. These beaches provide a perfect place to spend lazy days in the sun where your only concern is keeping your rum and coke icy cold. Looking for more activity? Many people travel to Panama to enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, and fishing, all of which are easy to incorporate into any trip.

One of the most popular and well-known beach destinations for Panama travelers is Bocas del Toro, near the Costa Rican border on the Atlantic/Caribbean side. This idyllic archipelago is famous for its beautiful Caribbean islands of stunning white-sand beaches, fringed by lush tropical rainforests. Bocas town itself is very laid back, but also offers lots of daytime watersports activities and an enjoyable nice nightlife scene.

Other fabulous Panamanian beaches include those of the San Blas Islands. San Blas is an autonomous region of Panama's Caribbean coast that is home to the Kuna Indians, one of Panama's many indigenous groups. Tourism adventures to the San Blas Islands are dreams come true for those with an affinity for undeveloped, idyllic beaches. The presence of the Kuna also makes for a fascinating visit and San Blas is an excellent place to buy molas (embroidered textiles), Panama's most famous handicraft.

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Thursday, May 03, 2007


Visiting Indonesia on your vacation? Why Not? There are many beautiful places as your reference whwn visiting Indonesia , at this posting I will show you some of beautiful beaches at Belitung Island :

Lengkuas Beach
It is a small island with unique with its lighthouse and superb view of beach surrounding from top of lighthouse. Beach is totally white sand and crystal clear sea water. There are several small granite islands surrounding that can reach by just walking through 1.5m depth sea water.

Tanjung Tinggi
This is your main destination. It is white sandy beaches, crystal clear sea water, and decorated by artistic granite boulders. You can climbs up on the boulders to find the best angle to view the panorama. Swimming in "shark free" sea water is favourite activity, or you can just relax to feel the quite environment.

Tanjung Kelayang Beach
Tanjung Kelayang is also white sand beach with granite boulders. There are 3 small islands just several hundred meters from bay. It supposes to be better than Tanjung Tinggi if the abandoned hotel project never exist in that place.

Tanjung Binga Beach
Bukit Berahu is a nice place to visit in Tanjung Binga. You can relax in Bukit Berahu resort and restaurant. It also has small white sandy beach. Tanjung Binga is a fishery village and there are many islands in front of port. One of them is Lengkuas island where you can find lighthouse.

Punai Beach
Punai Beach is not a popular destination, a totally unexplored bay. Beach is white sandy and there some boulders as well. It is also a fishery port, and you can enjoy fresh fish straight from fisherman. You may spend 1.5 hours journey to reach this place from Tanjungpandan.

Next Posting I will give more review about those beaches more diggest

On top of above destinations, you also can visit other interesting places such as towns Manggar, Gantung, Kelapa Kampit and Membalong. In Manggar you can come to Burung Mandi beach and visit a large chinese Dewi KwanIm temple. Gantung is just 20km South of Manggar and you can visit big old dam made by Dutch in early 19th century. While Kelapa Kampit, 50km East to Tanjungpandan there is old underground mining facility. Membalong is just an ordinary village, 54km South of Tanjungpandan. From Teluk Gembira port in Membalong, you can cross to Seliu island, a small island while you can find many of unique things.

But, those places are not a leisure place, while you can stay and relax in the nice hotel or restaurant. They are just an ordinary town or village. I do not recommend if you have only limited time, better to spent more experience in favourite places in the beach.

Source : Belitungisland.Com

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